Terms & Conditions

General Terms.

These General Terms & Conditions together with the Special Terms as well as our Privacy Policy constitute the entire agreement between our hotel suites (hereinafter the “Hotel” or “us”) and our customers (hereinafter “Customer/s”, “Guest/s” or “you”). These General Terms & Conditions are published in our official website. When you book to our hotels, you automatically agree and accept all provisions of the Agreement as valid and binding for you and your guests that will stay in our hotel.


1.1. Anyone can make a booking, either directly with Alexander Suites, through our website , or any other procedure adopted by Alexander Suites for this reason or through Booking Agents. In case that the Customer makes a booking through a Booking Agent, Alexander Suites shall not be responsible or liable for services that such Booking Agent promised, if such services are not included in the official web site of Alexander Suites or for terms and rates that such Booking Agent did not have the authorization to provide to you.

1.2. In order to make a booking in Alexander Suites you need to be over 18 years old of age. In case you are under this age, your parents can make a booking on your behalf, in which case your parents or someone over 18 needs to accompany you during your stay in our Hotel. In any event, in case of booking by using a valid credit or debit card, the owner of such card needs to be present with you.

1.3. Customer is responsible to provide his personal data, as requested during the booking process, which shall be true and accurate and as imprinted in the Customer’s identification card or passport. In addition, Customer is obliged to keep his contact details updated, as necessary, in order to be able to provide our services and execute this Agreement. The Hotel will not have any liability to make notifications to the Customer relating to this Agreement, if the Customer’s contact details are false, misleading or outdated and the Customer is not possible to be reached, in which case it is hereby agreed by the Customer that he or she waives his or her right for notifications.


2.1. You may pay for your stay in Alexander Suites with all available methods, such as cash, credit card, ebanking, money transfer or any other method to be accepted by us in the future. Our payment policy is the following:

  • Non Refundable Rates, upon reservation, the full amount will be charged on your credit card, which will be non-refundable in case of cancellation, modification or no-show.

Our payment policy is presented in our website and will, also, be provided during the booking procedure relating to your specific order submitted through our platform or Booking Agents or their platforms. A specific payment policy may be provided in the Customer’s Booking Confirmation.

2.2. In case you pay through a credit card the Hotel has the right to request at your arrival that you show your credit card in the front desk. If you deny showing your credit card or if the name written in the credit card is not the same as the Customer’s, then the Hotel can immediately cancel the Booking Confirmation and refuse to provide to you and your Guests accommodation services. In such case, you may pay cash and the Hotel will not cancel your Booking Confirmation. In case the name in the credit card is different than the Customer’s and the credit card owner is present and willing to become the Customer, then the Hotel will provide accommodation services as long as the credit card owner signs the Registration Form.


3.1. Check in & check out hours are mentioned in our website. In case, there is no relevant mention then Customers and Guests can check in at or after 15:00 and shall check out by 12:00.

3.2. The Hotel is not obliged to provide accommodation to the Customer and the Guests before 14:00 (early check in). The Customer may agree with the Hotel otherwise, in which case an additional charge may apply. If the Customer accepts such charge, then the Hotel will send an amended Booking Confirmation.

3.3. In case the Customer and his or her Guests do not depart from the room or rooms booked by 12:00 at the date of departure (late check out), the Hotel will have the right to impose a charge of an extra day.


In case you lose any items, valuables or property during your stay in our Hotel, you should immediately inform the front desk of the Hotel. For our Guests convenience we keep all lost items, valuables or property found for a period of one (1) month, after the date our personnel found them. In case we find any items and valuables, we have no obligation to contact our Guests, in order to inform them accordingly. If we are not notified by our Guests that they have lost specific items, valuables or property within one (1) month from their departure (check out date), our Hotel will not have any obligation to return them, since it is our policy to dispose any such lost items, valuables and property that are found in our Hotel after one (1) month. In case of any return of lost items, valuables and property to you, the postage or courier costs will be born by you.


The Hotel is not responsible for any stolen valuables, items or other property of our Guests. It is your obligation to protect your property and keep your valuables safe. We encourage our Guests to lock their rooms at all times that they are not present. In order to facilitate you, we, also, provide a safe deposit box in every room of our Hotel. Our Guests shall immediately inform the front desk of the Hotel, in case of stolen goods, property or valuables, so as to notify the police as early as possible.


Our Guests are responsible for any damage caused to the Hotel room or any furniture and equipment therein as well as the hotel establishment due to any act or omission attributable to them or their invitees. In such case, the Customer shall be jointly liable with his or her Guests and invitees. If such damage is detected after the Guests have departed, our Hotel reserves the right to make a charge to the Customer’s credit or debit card, in which case, our Hotel reserves the right to charge the Customer with the cost of replacing any items that were damaged or removed without consent from the Hotel by the Customer, his or her Guests or invitees. The charge will be the full replacement amount of the missing or damaged item, furniture or equipment.


The Hotel is responsible to provide the accommodation services to its Guests as provided in its website, diligently and professionally, showing the appropriate responsibility expected from any quality hotel around the world. The Hotel has in place a strict and high quality health & security policy. Alexander Suites comply with all mandatory provisions of health and safety regulations and legislation in Greece. In addition, we adopt all appropriate standards and acquire certifications for health and safety, so as for our Guests to feel at all times secure and comfortable in our hotel and enjoy high standards of services.


8.1 Guests shall behave properly, be decent and use good manners during their stay in Alexander Suites. Guests shall not behave inappropriately, make noises that annoy other guests or do any harm or inflict any injury to or insult third parties, indicatively Hotel employees or other guests of the Hotel. The Hotel may deny access to its facilities, rooms or establishment to Guests that do not comply with the aforementioned rules as well as appropriate hygiene standards or have consumed much alcohol that leads to inappropriate behavior. In case of death, injury or other damage thereof attributable to specific Guests, the Hotel may provide their data details to the police, in order to initiate relevant prosecution procedures and they will be responsible to indemnify and hold our Hotel harmless from and against any claims, actions or damages claimed by any third party or employee due to their actions.

8.2 It is not allowed to bring pets or animals in our Hotel. In certain cases we allow service dogs or other derogations to this policy, as long as a relevant request has been made to the Hotel, has been approved by us.

8.3 Smoking is strictly prohibited in the Hotel, including all rooms, public areas, corridors, lounge, lobby. When in open spaces outside the Hotel or in balconies, Guests are advised to avoid smoking near other guests, in a manner that would disturb their stay and enjoying our facilities and services.

8.4 You are not allowed to sublet the room provided to you by our Hotel nor can you provide accommodation in such room to any third party. During your reservation you are obliged to declare the exact number of guests that will be staying in the rooms that you have booked. No additional guests are allowed, except if this has been approved by the manager of the Hotel, in which case an additional charge may be applicable.

8.5 In case a Guest has a physical or mental disability the Customer has to inform the Hotel before Booking Confirmation or at least five (5) business days before check in. If the Hotel is not informed that a Guest has a physical disability, then the Hotel shall have no liability towards the Customer or such Guest for the latter not being able to use the Hotel facilities or use properly the Hotel services in whole or in part and the Customer will still have to pay the full amount of the fees applicable for his or her booking. For Guests with mental disabilities it is required that they are accompanied by a professional medical assistant or doctor that will be able to provide the necessary treatment, if required, otherwise the Hotel may cancel the Booking Confirmation for such Guest, with no obligation to return the deposit.

8.6 In case the Hotel provides wi-fi services, you are obliged to comply with the wi-fi appropriate usage policy, provided to you electronically during their activation. Indicatively, you may not use such services for unlawful or fraudulent acts, for defamation, insults to third parties, infringement of intellectual property rights or proceed in any other act that will lead to denial of service. In addition, Guests are obliged to respect privacy and comply with all applicable legislation, regulations and guidelines for the protection of personal data during the use of such wi-fi services. The Hotel may temporarily or permanently suspend the provision of wi-fi services to Guests that do not comply with their legal obligations or the Hotel’s wi-fi appropriate usage policy, without any further notification. In this case, the Guest shall refer to the front desk of the Hotel and the wi-fi services can be restored with the prior approval of the manager of the Hotel. The Hotel may, also, temporarily suspend the provision of wi-fi services for maintenance, support of its systems or or updates & upgrades & upgrades thereof, in which case the Hotel can not be held liable against its Guests for the unavailability of wi-fi services for any reason whatsoever, since you understand and acknowledge that this constitutes a legal and valid reason for the unavailability of wi-fi services for a limited duration.

8.7 In case you have a complaint, you are encouraged to bring this to the attention of the manager of the Hotel or the front desk during your stay there. Otherwise, it is possible that the Hotel may not be able to examine your complaint, if it is submitted after your departure. In any event, the Hotel is not obliged to review or answer to any complaint that is submitted more than six (6) months after the Guest has checked out, in which case you waive your rights to submit such complaint to any competed administrative authority or Court.


The Hotel may cancel any Booking Confirmation or any booking whatsoever at any time and at no cost or reimbursement owed to the Customer or its Guests. Indicatively, the Hotel may cancel any booking in case:

9.1 The Customer has provided false or misleading information regarding his or her personal identification data and contact details;

9.2 The Customer or his or her Guests infringe any provision of this Agreement, which are all considered material;

9.3 The Hotel has reasonable grounds to assume that the use of accommodation services may endanger the hotel operation, the security or the image of the hotel in public without being attributed to the territory and/or organization of the hotel.

In all aforementioned cases the Hotel has the right o keep the deposit paid by the Customer as reimbursement.


Alexander Suites collaborates with Booking Agents, in order to promote its accommodation services and increase the number of its hotel bookings. Nevertheless, we are independent contractors and have no authority or control over them. In this context, we conclude agreements with such Booking Agents but we can not be bound by promises made by them that go beyond what is provided in our website or our mobile application or deviate significantly from our capabilities and rates. In this context, if such third parties promised products or services not provided in our official website or our mobile application or rates that have not been included in our agreements, then we may not be held liable for such misrepresentations or false promises made by Booking Agents.


We collect, use, share, store and process your personal data for many reasons, such as in accordance to Greek Law and Police directives, in order to be able to provide you accommodation and other services and collect charges. With your consent we may, also, collect, use, share, store and process your personal data pertaining to your preferences, choices, conduct, comments and recommendations, in order to provide you with improved and personalized services, as well as provide you with newsletters, marketing and other promotional material, featured specials, send relevant messages or carry out satisfaction & customer surveys. All relevant issues pertaining to our processing activities as well as your rights according to the applicable data protection legislation are articulated in further detail in our Privacy Policy and the Privacy Statement, attached as an Annex to the Registration Form.


12.1. Superior force means war or terrorist activity (including cyber attack), riots, civil commotion, nuclear accident or act of God (including flood, storms, tampest, earthquakes or lightning), strikes, action taken by government, fire or serious explosion, malicious damage, diseases, a pandemic or any other situation out of the control of Alexander Suites.

12.2. If the performance of any accommodation or other service by the Hotel is prevented or its obligations can not be performed by reason of any, or any combination, the Hotel shall be entitled at its sole and exclusive choice to either cancel the Booking Confirmation and return the deposit to the Customer or provide the opportunity to the Customer to change the date of his or her booking at a later time, after the Hotel’s approval provided that the Customer is notified within reasonable time of the occurrence.

12.3. In addition, the Hotel may, at its sole and exclusive choice, either cancel the Booking Confirmation and return the deposit to the Customer or provide the opportunity to the Customer to change the date of his or her booking at a later time, after the Hotel’s approval in the following cases:

  • The whole or a significant part of the Hotel establishment, where the booked rooms are situated shall undergo urgent or mandatory maintenance; or
  • There is a failure to supply the Hotel with gas, electricity, water or electronic communications that is outside of the Hotel’s control; or
  • In order to prevent or limit a pandemic or the spread of any other decease or any other health and safety threat
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